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Good, fluent speakers are masters of timing. They know how to operate their speaking machine most effectively with the least effort. Their system  ‘knows’  how to synchronize the flow of their thoughts, how to optimize breathing patterns so as to support a powerful delivery, how to easily move their tongue and lips to facilitate good articulation.

Effective therapy to overcome stammering must  focus on developing the skill of being able to correctly time the spoken word.

Course Highlight

Breathing exercise -It will help u to breath normally while you speak

Reading practice -it is not the normal reading but reading in a specific style to control the speed of speech and maintain a needed  cordination between thought and speech.

Mirror practice - It will help you to devlop correct style of speaking

Yoga - Regular practice of some of asana will help you to achive your goal of becoming a fluent speaker.

Home Remedies - Home remedies have scientific background.We suggest some tested day-to-day herbs which will be helpful.

Apart from that you will also learn no. of other thing like talking with yourself to boost your confidance, Control your nurvousness, don't let your emotion go out of control

A regular practice of 30 minutes per day will do wonder for you and within 1 month you will start speaking fluently.